Many Worlds That We Live In

My family often tells me that I don’t know the world outside the home, the college I went to, and the workplace I’m now going to. Most of the time I just nod, although I don’t really agree with them because I think nobody knows the world well enough 😉

I think we live in many worlds everyday, and in each world, we got to have a very decent score earned all by ourselves. We should try not to depend on others to get through these daily worlds, or to stay happy, or to handle a corrupt cop, or to handle anything for that matter. I don’t say that we should stop seeking help. The whole world is circular dependent, humans are no exception. But, the extent to which we depend on somebody is a very crucial thing, and even more importantly what do we depend on somebody for? What if the person we depend on is just gone? Gone for whatever the reason and you can never reach them again? I think it is here that the decent score we earned helps to get along the many worlds we live in. Doesn’t it?

Epic (2013)

It’s a wondeful movie. Adventure of the small, flying on flies fighting the evil. I love the green trees and I find the jungle very beautiful.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia



The leafmen and their troops, in my opinion, is the representation of the nature itself and nature by far the very powerful thing that we ever can see. Nothing can stand against it, and when people say “Save the Planet”, they are just saying “lets save ourself”. Planet, like nature, cannot really by saved by us! It knows how to protect itself by its very vitrue, just as it happens in this movie. No matter what evil we do by overusing things, it has its ways to protect and evolve. We human beings are just parasitic creatures.

I love the last scene. I see the joy in doing a thing they like the most, and in rushing to meet a friend.

And, Movies should end in merry so that you walk out of the theater with a wide smile that lasts long enough till the next movie! 🙂

Constructive Criticism!

“Constructive Criticism” – That’s a big word, isn’t it?

We’d a hot discussion back in the office today. I said the real work I’m expected to do isn’t moving at all because of various other “routine-for-me-but-not-for-others” activities I handle everyday. I’d this feeling that I’m not finding time for those activities that really interest me + they are in my backlog from a real long time. But, I started feeling it more these days maybe after I started seeing others doing more quality work than me.

While I enjoy training my small wonderful team that I lead, and trying to teach them, often I hear criticism that some of the emails were just between us and not shared with the entire team, and having handled these routine activities, raising a mild alarm that I’m not finding time for my own tasks lead to a hot discussion and I was questioned, why wasn’t something routed across to somebody else and why did I keep doing the routine thing all by myself?

Now, that’s pretty uncomfortable situation, especially when my intent was to get some help. Isn’t it? 

One of the reasons I kept answering these routine questions was because I thought others were quite busy. Uhh! While doing so, I got terribly busy!

I think I should take this criticism a bit constructively. Yes, I should delegate things to others. Start saying “No!” to others when an issue is not really something I should address but with a bit of time spared, I can. Don’t be the frontdesk. Don’t assume that others schedules are tight, but push things to them.

And yeah, is the story same for everyone, except for the names? As in, you change the name, and my story is your story. Or did I just give in to whatever criticism?

Happy Blogging Anniversary!

I received the following notification on my blog today. It is pretty late from them, though, as my 1st blogging anniversary was nearly 2 months ago!


I was being too adamant towards myself in liking my own writing, and eventually deleted my blog after a few days. Well, not anymore! See, I completed one year successfully, and so, I have some bragging rights now and I just gave myself a little pat on the back.. 🙂

And, Love you WordPress! You are a dear friend who happily listen to many that express themselves by writing.