The Only Person You Should Be Better Than

To someone like me who finds it hard to overcome thyself, the hardest thing is the following.

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It is such an inspiring quote, but hard one to practice. I try to be better than what I was yesterday. Often I’m awestruck when I see people who stay happy no matter what. What an amazing strength they have. I often envy them, if have to be very honest. Envy them and try to overcome myself to push myself up by a considerable extent. It is when I fall doing so that I get that horrible feeling that shuts me down for a while, completely. I’m looking for that rhythm of life, if there is such thing existing. Have you found it yet?


Queen The Film

I watched the movie Queen this week. I booked tickets this time to avoid the queue.
The crux of the movie is a young girl who has grown up in an orthodox family finds her stance for the way she is, and I think by changing herself when she is pushed away by her fiance.

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Although I couldn’t understand every dialogue of the movie, I enjoyed watching it, and appreciated many characters in the movie. It seems, everybody has reasons for the way they are as shown in the movie, from the lead actress to her fiance, to her friend VJ to the prostitute from Amsterdam. The more we push our self to appreciate people for being themselves, the happy we keep ourselves, I guess or should I say, we do good by pushing people to change, but lose them if we don’t do it in a sensitive way, as it happens in the movie? I wonder..
I’m often miserably confused, too. I find it difficult to decide what is good and what is bad.. Nevermind, the life still rolls.. The week still runs.. The years still pass.. 🙂 

The Deutschland!

I was on an office trip to Germany for the last 3 weeks. People seem to like these trips a lot, but I kind of didn’t like it this time. I just did not want to go but I had to because of the commitments at office.

It was nice weather there. Brief cold, then sunny, and then rain, all in one day. No heavy road traffic. The buses, and trains arrive in time. Hot water always, heaters to keep the room warm, comfortable hotel room it was. Beautiful girls, kids playing with their bicycles with all merry, and those who sleep like they own the world, in the baby strollers. Cute, and adorable.

While all that is the good part of it, I kind of felt I was no where, lost some where, missing something, and I felt like turning the calendar dates quickly wanting finish my trip early.
Isn’t it when you most want that the time just doesn’t move fast at all? I was in that situation.
And I also know times when I don’t want the time to run fast, but it does. Ah, bad time.
Nevermind, I’m back home. I finished the 21 days trip.

Not the flight I flew in ;)

Not the flight I flew in 😉

Its the same flight ;)

Its the same flight 😉