You Are My World

The days when I could not see the beauty in the sky,
The days when I did not feel the soothing breeze that stop by,
The days when the loneliness inside haunted and ushered me to cry,
The days when seconds were hours, and time would resist to pass by.

No, no,
None of that was agonizing,
None of that was desperation,
any more than the fact that you were missing.

It is the way I could view the world,
It is the way I could feel the world.

Oh my angel, will you help me see a better world?
Will you be my world? ❤

The Disguise

I read a poem from internet and it made me think why we fear to be what we really want to be. Why can’t we just say what we want to, be it good or bad. Why do we see wrongdoings, but never raise voice. Why do we try to be something we are not, just to be liked by people. Why the disguise of true self often times.

This quote/poem I just read is from a widow and it is about her agony. But it sure has the power to express, for good, saying what she is really going through, so honestly.