Behold WordPress theme demo


Check-out the video for a preview of Behold WP theme.

Please note: The video is without audio background!


Featured post slider, custom menu, 4 widget areas, featured posts, social icons.

Optimized the theme to adjust it’s layout based on the width of the device you are viewing it.(responsive design)

Hope you like the theme. Please leave a comment, if you have feedback.

Mimbolove – a simple WordPress theme

I’m excited as my WordPress theme is approved into the theme directory!
It is available for download from:
Take a look. If you have questions/comments on the theme, feel free to leave a comment.
Happy new year in advance, and happy blogging! 🙂

Mimbolove – My (yet 2 b approved) WordPress theme!

I’ve been occupied after office hours for the last 2 months doing one thing. I don’t know if it is fair to say I spent my time on this task very religiously, but I finalized on writing(or partly writing, coz rest is stolen code :0 ) a WordPress theme. I named it after a combination of Kannada words as

Mimbolove = Mimba(=Blog) + Olavu(=Love)

A screenshot of how it looks is here:

I’m just hoping that my theme gets approved into the WordPress theme directory. If it is rejected, I won’t quit until it is approved!