flopped weekend plan!

Except for the first three years of my professional career, I have been having off on almost every weekend, and I barely remember a place I visited, or a movie I watched over weekends. It is probably very common that you can’t recall many routines of your past. At least this is the case with me. I’ve real bad memory power..The weekend routine changed these days as I got a roomie, a good friend of mine from the graduation hostel days. We used to play caroms late into night. The points scored by either of us was counted only until first few boards. Then both of us would have just forgot the score, and then the game restarted and we just kept playing!

He gets off on Sunday, and unlike me, he wants to hangout somewhere, or watch a movie during w/e. I also watch movies over the w/e, but only on internet, free of cost 🙂 For the last month or so, we are either visiting some place, or watching a movie at a theater during w/e. These plans are worked out so quick that we just decide to go somewhere, and we are out of home.

This happened the last weekend also. At 7 PM, I thought we should go and watch Telugu movie, “Gabbar Singh”. The movie met its expectations of being a good one, and Pavan Kalyan, the hero of the movie back in action. He is rejuvenated after a series of flops. I remembered seeing a flyer that Ganesh Theater at my place is running this movie, 4 shows a day. We started to the theater, and stood in the queue for tickets. To enter the theater, there was much bigger queue, and people started rushing in after a short while. We got into the theater, and 5 minutes later than the scheduled time, the show started. I was waiting to see how the movie would start, and to my surprise, with dashing sound, it projected “Daruvu”. It is yet another new theater release, starring Raviteja, the Mass Maharaj, and we were stupefied, and thought we fooled ourselves. But, I was still confident that this was just a trailer ad, and I told my friend to relax. Gosh, it wasn’t just a trailer, but they indeed were playing “Daruvu” 😦 and we inevitably watched the full movie till the end as we payed for it. This movie, “Daruvu” is kinda mix of a few good old movies, and a latest one. I didn’t like it much may be because I came to watch some other movie and my expectations were shattered.

The irony was, we stood in the queue for almost 10 minutes, and before the movie started, we had 5 minutes, and never did we get a single clue that the movie being played is not “Gabbar Singh” 😦


ah, I can’t recollect that!

Recollecting something that you have already known but not in mind at the moment, be it name of a movie or a song from an album or a web address where you read something really interesting; can turn out to be awfully displeasing if it you can’t recall.I mean, you know it, but you just can’t recollect it! You start feeling kinda uncomfortable. Isn’t it?

This happened with me today when I tried to search google for an image, actually an animated GIF, where the python(python) comes crawling, and kicks the camel(perl) out of the web page. It’s very funny to watch. I tried google search this image with all possible search terms I could, but in vain.

While it left me in helpless situation, when I find time again, I will try searching for this image, and post it here if I find it. I’m sure you will find it funny, too.


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