Warn Yourself!

Warn yourself that you shouldn’t assume you can walk in the dark just because you got a few steps right. You ought to mind every step or you fall.

When I solve a problem, or hear for a job interview is when I get an adrenaline rush. I hope I keep in mind, I’m just walking in the dark, and that I should mind every step, lest I fall, to remind myself that the best is yet to come, and I’m far from complete..

Improvement Is Gradual

I’ve been reading posts from “Freshly Pressed” for the last 3 days. Ok. Not all, only those that interested me. Of those that I read, some of the musings were very close to what I had in my mind or once I’d thought about. This could also be some kinda of déjà vu feeling! I don’t know. But, I never knew how to put my thoughts on paper.

I’m a bit hesitant and bad at expressing myself. I take time. A lot of time, rather. Like preparing for exams day n night, and sleeping in the exam hall, tired! This seem to be happening with my writing, too. I want to write; about a few things I’ve in mind, see around me, experience everyday. But I lack words, the prose that can hold the reader on my blog for a few minutes, and I thought I should prepare for writing first, then try to write.

Then I remembered that I was posting articles to a contest conducted by “The Week” English magazine. This was during my college days, 6 years back. Never did I felt my writing was poor at that time although I know now how poor my articles were. That made me realize that I improved a bit since then, and its okay to write. So, here I go. I just wrote what I’d in my mind.

”Improvement is gradual. If I could think about something I wish deep inside me, for a long time, and try to pursue strongly, perhaps, I can make my wish come true. And, I’m just trying to write on this blog more.

New year and resolutions!

I can’t recollect if I’d set myself a few resolutions last year. But, if I’m asked was 2012 any good for me, I’d say, “Yes!”.

Yes, because, without getting discouraged,  I wrote more on my blog. Well, I started this blog this year, though. I’d this bad habit of deleting my blogs if I didn’t like them after a few days of writing, coz no one read them. I WILL NOT do it anymore. I pledge.

Yes, because, I made a tiny12 contribution to the OpenSource, and to WordPress through my WordPress theme Mimbolove

On the personnel front, I made two mistakes, too, that sometimes make me feel bad about myself. 😦

For 2013,

I think I will want to put on some weight, get some big muscles. Yeah, I brought a small gym kit, and I want to get stronger! I will see how it goes.

Improve my theme to make it more useful to the community, and write at least one new theme, there by becoming sharper.

I can’t get taller anymore even if I drink Horlicks 😉 So just stronger, sharper as year’s resolutions.

– Thanks for reading!

— Wish you a fantabulous year 2013!

The more you know who you are, and what you want

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” 

It’s a quote from the movie “Lost in translation”. It is a wonderful, and hilarious. One of my favorites.

I watch English movies for two reasons. First, I need time to relax after a tiring day. So, watching movie for some time with a plate of food is one way I pick. Second, you know, I find their accent difficult to follow. I wanna improve myself somehow. Movies for resort.. :-0

Lately I experienced the real meaning of this quote in real life. Not through something I did, but with something that my friend felt. While talking on phone a few days ago, he said he was in kind of dilemma deciding on something, and that it was making him sulk a lot. I offered him some advices(I’m bad at free advices, though! ;-0 )

Then, after a few days when I met him again, he was very happy. Happy because he was out of dilemma, and that he knew what he want. I was very happy to see him that way, too.

– So, the more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you. Makes sense. Doesn’t it?