Been A While

It has been a while since I showed up here pondering. Although a lot of things have been going on with me that kept me busy, I hate being unable to at least scribble something here, even if it’s a random thought.
In the meantime, Donald Trump won the republican nomination; India won couple of medals at Rio Olympics; prime minister Narendra Modi became the most followed Indian on Twitter; Linus Torvalds was happily chatting with Microsoft employees at LinuxCon, and in no way close to qualifying to be mentioned next to any of these happenings, my blog quietly celebrated its 4th anniversary. yay 😉

Happy Blogging Anniversary!

I received the following notification on my blog today. It is pretty late from them, though, as my 1st blogging anniversary was nearly 2 months ago!


I was being too adamant towards myself in liking my own writing, and eventually deleted my blog after a few days. Well, not anymore! See, I completed one year successfully, and so, I have some bragging rights now and I just gave myself a little pat on the back.. 🙂

And, Love you WordPress! You are a dear friend who happily listen to many that express themselves by writing.