Cutting twine thread into half – with bare hands

Have you ever tried to cut a thread – for eg, coir twine? You must have used a knife, or something because you aren’t strong enough. Well, actually, you don’t have to be a strong pahalwan to do this.
A simple trick can do the job! I’m lean myself but I could cut a coir twine easily..If you wish to try, here are the steps.
(sorry about the bad English, it gets difficult to explain things in English)

1. Wind one end of the thread to your left hand thumb, as shown in the pic.
2. Now, let the rest of the thread on your palm in shape of U
3. The other end of thread(the right portion of thread that makes U shape) should go around your the palm, traveling on the dorsal hand, and come back on to palm from the bottom to get into the U shaped thread from inside.
4. Now, just pull the other end of thread downwards with your right hand, and to your magic, the thread is just cut at the lower edge of U!

Caveat: I’m not held responsible if something goes wrong( other than the thread cutting into half, though 🙂 )!


Ghosts do not exist!

If you happened to watch the horror movies from Kannada or Telugu where a lead character dies, and then, there it is a ghost and tries to take revenge, you’d probably agree with what I’m going to say.
At the end of the movie, the ghost weeps that it had a wish that was never fulfilled or it says somebody did real bad things to its family, and so, it is trying to retaliate.The logic here is completely false. I mean, if an unfulfilled wish/revenge is something that makes a dead man devil, would’t the world be full of devils!?If the logic really works, I bet a lot of people in Bengaluru for that matter would want to be traffic cops after they die (hopefully, the honest ones) 🙂
and punish
1. The idiots who honk unnecessarily
2. Who start moving much before the green is on
3. Who honk from behind while it is still counting down at 7-6 seconds
and the list goes on ..

ah I know I distracted too much. Indiscipline in driving could be irritating.

All I wanted to say is: Ghosts do not exist, at least for these reasons said in the movie!


knowing the experts

Couple of days back, I was told to do some work at office, and was referred to a link.
I checked it today, and I recall working with this person “Jonathan Wakely” who is cited on that page.When I started my career I was working for a bank as contractor, this person was a colleague of mine, and he was the Technical Product Owner of GCC. I just read he is one of the maintainers of GCC’s implementation of the C++. That looks like lot of work! He was one of typical *NIX guys. I mean, you shouldn’t go to them without trying to fix the problem first. Maybe, that is something Unix preaches. And if you expect to be fed with a spoon, you are an item of fun for them.Although my interaction with him was rare, it inspires some kind of  “I should get there!” feeling when I know that I worked with a man whom the google knows, too. But, the gust doesn’t last longer coz I quit very early.. :(–bye