New year and resolutions!

I can’t recollect if I’d set myself a few resolutions last year. But, if I’m asked was 2012 any good for me, I’d say, “Yes!”.

Yes, because, without getting discouraged,  I wrote more on my blog. Well, I started this blog this year, though. I’d this bad habit of deleting my blogs if I didn’t like them after a few days of writing, coz no one read them. I WILL NOT do it anymore. I pledge.

Yes, because, I made a tiny12 contribution to the OpenSource, and to WordPress through my WordPress theme Mimbolove

On the personnel front, I made two mistakes, too, that sometimes make me feel bad about myself. 😦

For 2013,

I think I will want to put on some weight, get some big muscles. Yeah, I brought a small gym kit, and I want to get stronger! I will see how it goes.

Improve my theme to make it more useful to the community, and write at least one new theme, there by becoming sharper.

I can’t get taller anymore even if I drink Horlicks 😉 So just stronger, sharper as year’s resolutions.

– Thanks for reading!

— Wish you a fantabulous year 2013!