Roads, Bengaluru

I have a gut feeling that my observation is worth a paisa if not anything else. I’d to roam around Bengaluru this week, and couple of weeks ago on some personal appointments, and my observation is, a lot of narrow roads are not really narrow. What I mean by that is

  • The footpaths are low quality, and unusable.
  • Only 3/4th of the road is usable. No vehicles can go on the rest of the road; as the finishing is bad, no body is willing to use that.
  • The lane markings on the road do not exist 😦
  • Roads are patched in a very bad and unorganized way. They slow down vehicles as people brake more and more when they see a hump on the road.
  • Potholes all of a sudden. Oh god, annual maintenance is because of potholes.

What I think is, either sides of the roads needs to be finished properly so that the entire road can be used for vehicle movement == Fix these. And the roads won’t be narrow anymore to some extent.

I really really stick to my lane as much as possible. I try hard to be a civilian with common sense. I follow what Rahul Dravid’s poster all over Bengaluru say: When on road, always say “Pehle Aap”. Unfortunately, no body says, “Pehle Aap” to me 😦

I don’t know if anyone tried to measure the quantum of waste; fuel wastage, time wastage, delayed arrivals at destinations etc because of these under-developed, low-quality, worth-less roads. If the roads are really up to standards, I really believe a good amount of traffic gets controlled and it speeds up vehicles.

I’m not sure if Government is trying to bring in some standards to these roads. The pace at which the improvement is seen is very moderate. It seems these bureaucrats should realize, and work faster, and keep strict quality measures. Modi ji, please, please, bring in quality standards to these Government projects at ground level. Roads in particular are broken..

I pay a lot of money as tax, proud, and honest I’m. I don’t cheat.  And when I hit a pothole, I feel like punching that road contractor right in his face, who did that low quality shitty work.

Need of Clean and Transparent Politics

I’m no expert to analyze the current politics. I don’t have to be one to judge, and make a statement that nearly every political party in India is corrupt in one or the other way, and the undying hunger for money, and power dominates the mottos of these political parties. It is obviously a naked truth. Every party has a set of aims and objectives, but, that is carelessly kept aside(most of the time), and money making becomes the prime objective, and there are hardly any attempts made to ensure that corruption gets its punishment given.

While nearly everyone is angry, and frustrated with these type of leaders, and the parties,  making a choice on whom to vote, and elect as leaders is a very big challenge as almost every elected leader does loot. Probably, choosing the ones who does it to a meager extent is a better choice.

But, time has come where there are a lot of eminent, honest, confident, and passionate people contesting to beat, and challenge the bigger group. All we need to do is, choose such good leaders wisely. Let go of the mob mentality, and analyze who is good, and who is bad before we vote.

Lok Satta” is one such party, lead by an eminent, honest, cognizant, and persistent leader Jayaprakash Narayan He proved that with a mere 4.5 lakh rupees, one can win elections. A sheer example that the best, and the honest can win. He contests from Kukatpally, Andhra Pradesh It’s one of those fast growing constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. He’s the all India topper in India’s highest civil service examinations IAS , never did he read a single book to stand there, because, he’d such thorough knowledge of what is going around in India, and around the world! He quit from his position as an IAS officer to start a party which is aimed to enrich the political scenario in India with its true spirit

Please watch the video on youtube where JP talks about the party’s vision, about the contestants from Bengaluru/Karnataka, and optimism over India, and its politics – Do watch the related videos to know more about him.

He faced physical, and verbal assaults for being honest. Despite all these, JP continues to fight, and he’s optimistic that we can see a developed India soon.

Hopefully people will consider the smaller group of people under Lok Satta, that exhibit the potential of changing the fate of the people, and elect them in the upcoming state assembly elections at Karnataka.