Pressure Cooker

They say shower thoughts are funny. But I disagree.


They are a hell of a lot more than funny. Funny is just the tip of the iceberg.
They are philosophical, so much so that they challenge your very existence.
They inspire the economist in you, one that always craved to understand what the heck the GDP meant, and how the per-capita is calculated, and how our daily actions impact the economy.
They take you back into your past, and forcing you to face the brutal reality that stupidity can at times be for good.
They reveal the fact that you always failed to notice, those simple inventions of the past that you use, and take for granted, are so powerful that they are impacting your life, and all the actions you’ve carried out thus far or will carry out later on.

That’s a lot of pros for me to defend, and I better explain myself, and you bet, I can!

Take for instance, a pressure cooker.
You don’t mind if I start talking about the list down to top. Do you? One paragraph below corresponds to each of the pros I listed above, down to top.

A pressure cooker is in my opinion an extremely significant invention of the past. How so, you ask? Just look at it. Look at the amount of energy it saves while it is cooking, and think about the amount of energy it has already saved since its incarnation. Energy in the form of electricity, the relatively less water being consumed, the number of dishes used while cooking being reduced to just 2 to list a few. If you say there are cons, such as you cooking using a pressure cooker on a flame powered by charcoal several years ago, that’s a problem with charcoal, not pressure cooker.
Now, that’s the energy part in brief. You think about it, and you will find more and more reasons to appreciate this simple invention.

If a mortal that never used a pressure cooker cooked something for the first time, and out of hunger or laziness, didn’t wait for the vapor to escape from the cooker, and opened the lid, he definitely hurts himself. You witnessed such a scene? You did? This must tell you some serendipitous side-effects of this magnificent invention. One: The mortal that’s hurt is now hospitalized, and the doctor that treats him makes money. Two: While he’s being treated, it is likely that the pharmacy is also benefited. Three: So does the fruit seller, and the rickshaw wale, or the taxi driver these days, while the mortal is transported and the list goes on and on. Stupidity is good.

All that I’ve talked in the last few lines are contributors to the GDP, and per-capita. Go on and read more in Wikipedia if you like. The doctor, fruit seller, rickshaw wale, everyone contributes to GDP, and affect their per-capita in their own way, and the world bank upgrades of India.

The mortal that’s hurt, if it is severe, it does, for sure, challenge his very existence. Oh Lord, philosophy of existence has also been taught.

Don’t you now think the shower thoughts are more than just funny?

Reunion At School

We had a wonderful event back in my school on the republic day, the 26th January. Quite a few of my school friends showed up, and I’m glad that many of them settled well in their lives. Some are teachers, some run business, some are politicians, some are into jobs in private sector, and many girls are homemakers.


Kudos to those of my friends that itched the idea of reunion function, main agenda being remembering our old time school teachers. Many of our teachers gladly accepted; our invitation to take part in the function, our small gesture, and our thanks. I’d the pleasure of picking and dropping three of our teachers from their doorstep.
Just the way they felt nostalgic about the school, and their job, I think, we equally felt nostalgic about our childhood, and the wonderful school days. I wish I could erase all my memory, turn the time machine to the past, and go back my childhood. I’m selfish; I need everything to just go backwards not just me alone, well but time machine is just a fictional thing.:(
We had the pleasure of talking on the stage again on which once we orated very proudly the mugged up speech on the Independence Days, Republic Days, Teachers days, that got interrupted occasionally to be picked up from the beginning.
The pleasure of listening to those teachers that tried hard to teach us the basics of everything. It was wonderful.

Unluckily, the school, and time has changed things badly. Although the facilities are good these days, the quality isn’t that good at school, or with the education system these days. We had nice experienced, and disciplined teachers. Not now.

All in all, it was a nostalgic day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I noticed that I’m a changed man, since my childhood. Changed in good ways with some, and bad in others. Isn’t that what makes us; the terrible human beings?!


This Thursday, I’m going home. Obviously, it is going to be a long weekend as 2 days of off adds to the weekend, but you know, it doesn’t last long, don’t know if the clock in the mind thinks that way.

Every time I hear someone say “Time flies! ” or when I feel that for myself, the general notion I get is “Who runs the clock against our wish either too fast, or too slow?!” Even when the “seconds” needle in the wall clock is driving up against the gravitation, or when the “minutes” needle is holding on to its position for a minute, they keep their pace. I wonder how time manages to fly yet, sometimes, again, not always.

Anyways, done with the preamble 🙂

Plans don’t really workout well, but, I’m going home keeping some in mind. Gotta see how they turn out. If they start to work well, I wish time doesn’t fly so that I can finish up things, otherwise, you know, you got it!

Just to add, this week has been very nice so far. Which means, time, probably, did fly! 😉