The Earnings

It appears to me that the more you are being criticized that you earned things by wrong means, which to the best of your knowledge, are not by wrong means, the harder you should try to earn respect from those who criticize you and the harder you should try to find your faults that trigger the criticism.

On the similar lines ‘what others think of you is none of your business‘.

I suppose when we strike a balance between the two, there is very less mental stress and harmony inside the heart and you start becoming a better man.

The 2.5hr journey back home

It usually takes 30 minutes for me to drive from my office, manyatha tech park to my home at yelahanka new town where I currently live. Today I left office at 5.30pm and I had no clue that the heavy rains would have blocked the drainage system so badly that it took literally 2hrs to drive a distance of 1km! The roads were jammed completely and there was no chance to drive back and take different route.
It just was a surprising day. It is when you least expect that things go wrong, or fall right in place. Isn’t it?
For some reason, I did not feel exhausted at all stuck in traffic, standing still, only moving a few inches here and there now and then.
There was a school bus beside my vehicle and the kids inside were singing randomly and not letting the slow traffic piss them off.

Isn’t that how we should be handling things? Making sure we make the best of now, this very minute and don’t give a damn about the troubles around? Well, I hope to do so. It’s a little tough task for an ordinary man like me though.:)