Birthdays And Facebook

I wonder to what extent people depend on the reminders on the top right corner of their Facebook pages to wish those in their circle for birthdays.

I stopped using Facebook a few weeks ago. And _nobody_ wished me for my birthday this time which was earlier this week while my fb account was inactive.

Well, to me, birthday is just another day. And quite honestly it doesn’t bother me if people don’t remember it. But it did bring me some strange feeling and it is an unexplainable thought that we are so badly dependent on these internet sources to remember these so called special occasions. 🙂

It’s a personal preference on how one organizes and memorizes these special days and special people. But, those wishes that reach us without the top-right-corner reminders reminding them are perhaps the wonderful ones. That need not be the case always, too. Example, My little sister wished me today for my birthday though. And I replied with an upset face, ‘you keep them. I don’t need your belated wishes’.  🙂 She smiled. I think I still kept those wishes.