Idiots from Customer Support

Have you ever had the experience of talking to the Customer Support people, who don’t pay any attention to what they are speaking, and who they are speaking to?

I get irritated when these people behave like morons from jungle, who talk at the speed of a few dozen words per second, which when put together make no sense. You should be another guy who work at a Customer Support to catch up what they are saying.

I get annoyed even more when they call me with a name that is not my name at all! These idiots should at least pay attention the name of the person that they are talking to, let alone the issue they are trying to address. If they don’t care about pronouncing the name correctly, what on earth have they learnt in the first few weeks of the Customer Support training sessions? Have they been asleep, damn it?

If they think they can’t pronounce the name, it is fine. They can just say “Hello! I’m from so-and-so customer support, and I’m calling you to in reference to the ticket blah-blah-blah” That explains it. I don’t care whether they saluted me with “Sir!” or not, as long as they fix the problem I reported, I’m happy.

Hell with their etiquette, they miss the basics, and irritate a lot of people. I lose my nerve sometimes, but you know, I can’t yell at them for their mistakes. So, I just try expressing my anger on my blog.