Roads, Bengaluru

I have a gut feeling that my observation is worth a paisa if not anything else. I’d to roam around Bengaluru this week, and couple of weeks ago on some personal appointments, and my observation is, a lot of narrow roads are not really narrow. What I mean by that is

  • The footpaths are low quality, and unusable.
  • Only 3/4th of the road is usable. No vehicles can go on the rest of the road; as the finishing is bad, no body is willing to use that.
  • The lane markings on the road do not exist 😦
  • Roads are patched in a very bad and unorganized way. They slow down vehicles as people brake more and more when they see a hump on the road.
  • Potholes all of a sudden. Oh god, annual maintenance is because of potholes.

What I think is, either sides of the roads needs to be finished properly so that the entire road can be used for vehicle movement == Fix these. And the roads won’t be narrow anymore to some extent.

I really really stick to my lane as much as possible. I try hard to be a civilian with common sense. I follow what Rahul Dravid’s poster all over Bengaluru say: When on road, always say “Pehle Aap”. Unfortunately, no body says, “Pehle Aap” to me 😦

I don’t know if anyone tried to measure the quantum of waste; fuel wastage, time wastage, delayed arrivals at destinations etc because of these under-developed, low-quality, worth-less roads. If the roads are really up to standards, I really believe a good amount of traffic gets controlled and it speeds up vehicles.

I’m not sure if Government is trying to bring in some standards to these roads. The pace at which the improvement is seen is very moderate. It seems these bureaucrats should realize, and work faster, and keep strict quality measures. Modi ji, please, please, bring in quality standards to these Government projects at ground level. Roads in particular are broken..

I pay a lot of money as tax, proud, and honest I’m. I don’t cheat.  And when I hit a pothole, I feel like punching that road contractor right in his face, who did that low quality shitty work.

Missing Common Sense Is Common!

It so happened yesterday that we, the entire team working in our project, were receiving plenty of emails. They were from the new joiners in our team who were trying to subscribe to an internal mailing list to which the software release notes, baseline release emails, etc were sent.

These new folks did not know the email address that subscribes them to this mailing list. They were actually emailing the mailing list itself to subscribe, and the email reached everyone who was already part of the list.

I just wanted to let these guys know the right procedure, and what I did was emailing the same mailing list. Guess you got the joke. My instructions had no way to reach out to those who really needed it because, they are not part of the email address to which I sent instructions! I missed the common sense.

This incident reminded me of a joke. Once there was a scientist. He’d three cats of varying size as pets. One big cat, a smaller one, third even smaller. To have a way for them to go out, and come back home during night, this scientist made three holes in the wall.

A big hole, a small sized, and third even smaller! 🙂

Missing common sense is, you know, common.