The heavens are ghastly, and I’m falling into an abyss from the heavens I always wanted to end up at. I’m taunted, and despaired by life.

Oh my angel, will you find me. Pull me out of this abyss to be with me. To hold me in a hug and to say you love me.

Without you, the world is slack and confusing. Please find me. 💌

Another Year Gone – 2014

Time flies. As I write this down, I recall how I spent my Dec 31, 2013. Nothing much as changed for me with my personal life since then. I’m happily what I’m. In fact, I think I got better during 2014 personally. I tried to be sensitive to others. I tried not to hurt anyone deliberately. I tried to be nice and kind as much as possible, as long as possible. I thanked a few people that helped to me to be what I am. I tried not to lose my nerve. I tried to understand my family more and more although I lived my life on my own all these years. I tried to figure out what exactly I want for myself, and what not.

On the professional side, I tried to ensure that my team at office that I lead is growing with their ability to do good job, as much as I tried do it myself; and I tried to ensure that they are more engaged with stuff they are doing. I tried to communicate openly to ensure that we do what the team, and company really wanted. I tried to be rational enough to judge people at office, when judging them became inevitable. I hated certain decisions inevitably, and it was evidentially the wrong decision with unfair motivation despite the confrontation from me. We reduced software build times reasonably well. We are trying to rewrite our build system using “tup build tool”, and we will finish it before Jan’15! I read most part of two wonderful books, “Who says elephants can’t dance”, and “How Google Works” and I digested them reasonably well, and trying to improve myself accordingly.

On the failures part, I failed to hold on to a few activities at office until their closure. I’ve improved since 2013, but there still was more room for improvement. I failed to find a mentor for myself in somebody. I failed to criticize, and apparently, had I communicated more openly, I would have done more good than I did by keeping quiet.

For this year, 2015, my objective is to make at least one useful contribution to open source software(I have 2 ideas in my mind on how I can contribute); to exercise as regularly as possible, to eat at least one fruit per day, to make it to my dream job, and try to become a better person, and to fall in love.

I’m hopeful that I will make most of 2015.

New year and resolutions!

I can’t recollect if I’d set myself a few resolutions last year. But, if I’m asked was 2012 any good for me, I’d say, “Yes!”.

Yes, because, without getting discouraged,  I wrote more on my blog. Well, I started this blog this year, though. I’d this bad habit of deleting my blogs if I didn’t like them after a few days of writing, coz no one read them. I WILL NOT do it anymore. I pledge.

Yes, because, I made a tiny12 contribution to the OpenSource, and to WordPress through my WordPress theme Mimbolove

On the personnel front, I made two mistakes, too, that sometimes make me feel bad about myself. 😦

For 2013,

I think I will want to put on some weight, get some big muscles. Yeah, I brought a small gym kit, and I want to get stronger! I will see how it goes.

Improve my theme to make it more useful to the community, and write at least one new theme, there by becoming sharper.

I can’t get taller anymore even if I drink Horlicks 😉 So just stronger, sharper as year’s resolutions.

– Thanks for reading!

— Wish you a fantabulous year 2013!