Mighty Nature

It seems to me that there is nothing more helpless a situation for mankind than battling against nature.
There have been floods in Andhra Pradesh lately and there was a lot of disaster because of Hud-hud cyclone. There is this Ebola disease threatening people to death. And At my hometown, we are hoping for rains. This rainy season hasn’t even been moderate for us. Hence problem for harvesting lands, drinking water etc.

No matter how boastful we human beings are about we building the next gen this, next gen that, killing animals for meat or money, converting green lands into barren land where skyscrapers are erect, it is only so as long as nature could excuse us. When She is tired of us, she would shake these dusty us off mildly like a bad habit.

It appears to me that Bangalore for example lost its glory of being the garden city because of overused everything. Deforestation can only be controlled by government and the impact of this isn’t limited to that area alone but more surrounding areas. My hometown never suffered like this earlier. What’s happening now is people started experiencing the sigh of helplessness as nature denies to bless us and we wonder why things are worsening for us.


This weekend has almost been like a weekend without internet. I mostly spend my time on my laptop during weekends. I had plans to read some stuff on and off but without internet this plan didn’t fall in place. It seems to me that I’m addicted to my laptop. While I don’t see nothing wrong with it, I’m trying to figure something that keeps me very busy. Like handful of interesting work. I don’t know when would I find that.