Epic (2013)

It’s a wondeful movie. Adventure of the small, flying on flies fighting the evil. I love the green trees and I find the jungle very beautiful.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia



The leafmen and their troops, in my opinion, is the representation of the nature itself and nature by far the very powerful thing that we ever can see. Nothing can stand against it, and when people say “Save the Planet”, they are just saying “lets save ourself”. Planet, like nature, cannot really by saved by us! It knows how to protect itself by its very vitrue, just as it happens in this movie. No matter what evil we do by overusing things, it has its ways to protect and evolve. We human beings are just parasitic creatures.

I love the last scene. I see the joy in doing a thing they like the most, and in rushing to meet a friend.

And, Movies should end in merry so that you walk out of the theater with a wide smile that lasts long enough till the next movie! 🙂


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