I wonder how people get ideas like these!


They say, they identify the image URL based on the email id of the user. If you send the md5 of your email address, then send your back the image of the user!
for eg.. The md5 for my email address is: ff85824deec935392d6f8deb48c891c3
and the url to my gravatar image


They provide you plugin to have a discussion platform on your page that looks just wonderful, without you having to write a line of code!



They provide a means to share any of your pages with worlds most popular social networking sites, and almost every.

Stack Overflow

A Q&A site for programmers. You get answer to most of the common questions. betcha?
I like this site a lot, and the founder’s blog 🙂
… the list goes on..

While I keep wondering how they get these ideas, I find yet another amazing implementation of a simple idea that eventually contributes to the whole system so beautifully.

It is so common that they mention ‘we wanted to make internet a better place’, one can’t agree more, and maybe, that’s the real motive which is making them successful. They sure are making internet a better place, and it encourages a kind of grateful feeling towards these tools, which are free or so affordable end of the day.