Improvement Is Gradual

I’ve been reading posts from “Freshly Pressed” for the last 3 days. Ok. Not all, only those that interested me. Of those that I read, some of the musings were very close to what I had in my mind or once I’d thought about. This could also be some kinda of déjà vu feeling! I don’t know. But, I never knew how to put my thoughts on paper.

I’m a bit hesitant and bad at expressing myself. I take time. A lot of time, rather. Like preparing for exams day n night, and sleeping in the exam hall, tired! This seem to be happening with my writing, too. I want to write; about a few things I’ve in mind, see around me, experience everyday. But I lack words, the prose that can hold the reader on my blog for a few minutes, and I thought I should prepare for writing first, then try to write.

Then I remembered that I was posting articles to a contest conducted by “The Week” English magazine. This was during my college days, 6 years back. Never did I felt my writing was poor at that time although I know now how poor my articles were. That made me realize that I improved a bit since then, and its okay to write. So, here I go. I just wrote what I’d in my mind.

”Improvement is gradual. If I could think about something I wish deep inside me, for a long time, and try to pursue strongly, perhaps, I can make my wish come true. And, I’m just trying to write on this blog more.