Doing It Right, At Right Time

We have a serious problem at our office with software build times. I, being the guy who’s supposed to take care of this system, sometimes go blank with no ideas in my mind to relax the situation. We have serious network issues, resource crunch, hardware limitations, etc.
I knew about the bottlenecks, however, what I did not do was, see what can be done quickly to settle things down to some extent. Perhaps, I was close to doing this, but in my own way, that wasn’t the right way for our current situation. So, my boss called for a meeting and listed down a few things that can potentially help us to some extent.

From this point on, I started thinking what did I not do right, at the right time, and having that done, would things have changed? Well, even now, things are still bad, nevertheless, there has been a lot of things I really had thought about, that are now being raised by somebody else again, and to me, it appears like, I never pursued until it is complete.

That seems to be my first drawback. Picking up some task, but not driving it to the end.

Then, there were some issues in the past, I tried to address them, but as long term solution. No short-term solutions were derived by me. That seems to be my second drawback that is slowing me down. Not addressing the problem quickly in short term.

I did have some long term plans to improve this situation, even in the past, but, doing multiple things together is never beneficial. So, that’s my third drawback. Pick one task, finish that up. Or have a schedule of time, for each task, and do nothing else during the time so dedicated.

Take no problem lightly. No matter how small the problem reported, understanding the problem in depth, and acting on it as quickly as possible. This hasn’t been done by me. I did check the reported problems, but, never really had that added to my backlog, and closed it at the earliest possible time. That’s my fourth drawback.

It, so, seems to me that Doing It Right, Doing It At Right Time is a good approach to any problem.
This has been my learning during the 2 days of this short week.
While I learn from my mistakes, and I have gratitude for the tips, I’ve no shame in confessing that I build hatred towards certain acts. Acts of sarcasm, especially when they are expressed indirectly, when things I do are not working although I put my best efforts. I try to shut my emotions, but, when there are no mistakes from my end, I find it hard to control myself.

Things are easy said than done. And I’m trying to do things..