Workshops, Collaboration, Many Unknown Topics

There was a workshop at my organization this week. The focus was to eliminate/minimize the quality problems in one of the software component delivered by my team to the business lines. Between business line who consume the end software, and my team, there is a platform services who deliver the LFS(Linux From Scratch) This software component built by my team is having interfaces that are common between LFS, and us, which create problems at times, and the potential solution was to develop, build and test our component along with LFS. I think it is a right solution.

I’m a Build Automation engineer and I’m rewriting our software component’s build system using CMake. Rewriting is necessary as this component cannot be built by just running “make my_component”. Our build system is way too old, and inseparable from the other components that coexist. I like this task as it is challenging. Ensuring the accuracy of build, to match it to the legacy build system is reasonably challenging! I’m enjoying this work so far. There are some organizations where people are asked to do too many things at a time. That is suffocating. It happens with us some times.

As much as the workshop was inspiring, it was discouraging too, that I do not know most part of this software component, the development, and testing aspects in particular. That went in two entirely different directions. I sort of concluded it that I think I get discouraged rather quickly when I don’t know things. There perhaps was no need for discouragement. It just isn’t my area of work perhaps. But it is always good to know a little bit of everything.  I think I will go forward in that direction; to know what this piece of software does, and then, how, and then even try some hands on.