The Uncomfortable Small Talk

I often wonder when people start a small talk and comment on personal life, what is going through their mind? I mean, do they just want to probe, and ask about the personal lives very casually or they have some kind of deliberate motive that serves no good purpose to anybody as they probe more and more?

I was at my cousins home for dinner today, and they got a visitor. To them, this visitor is apparently a known person, not really sure if they are friends. This visitor started talking about something too personal to my cousins, and my cousin couldn’t really answer it right upfront, and as I could make out, my cousin indeed felt somewhat uncomfortable, and so she tried diverting the topic. This visitor was still probing on the same topic insanely. I find that as the most annoying part of these small talks.

My cousins cannot drop her off even though they are hurt. Their feelings getting hurt may not be unbearable, but for that some time, they ARE hurt, and ironically, this lady who is supposedly a friend didn’t seem to understand that fact.

When people want to meet up with friends and relatives, they just should come by, have a cup of coffee, share a few laughs, and leave. I don’t understand why a few things interest people the most when they just do not concern to them at all. I lose the good impression on such people as I witness incidents like these. Yes, I do. I do not know if that is good or bad. I do not care.