I’m just another guy who is trying hard to figure out what he is after.

A full time computer job makes my living.

Debugging, and troubleshooting interests me a lot.

Web designing and developing is an area where I’ve not worked as part of my job, but love to. I surf web a lot, and if webpage is found catchy, I try using firebug to understand whatever is possible out of front-end.

I strongly believe in self learning, and self criticism.

I hooked myself up for almost 2 months, and built a WordPress theme – mimbolove. It was my first attempt to contribute to WordPress, and OpenSource. It is when at least one blog uses my theme, and happy with it, that I will feel proud about my work. Now, I’m just excited that I made it. I have the motivation to improve the theme to make it useful, and competitive.

Sometimes I think that life is a tough journey, and the world is a nasty place! I guess you also do. Don’t you?

– thank you, for stopping by. I appreciate your time.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello
    Simple way is:

    Login to the WordPress Dashboard

    Navigate to: Appearance -> Editor
    (This lists all the Source Code files that make the currently activated theme)

    On the right hand side, locate the file Footer(footer.php) and click on it.

    Now, in the editor that is available, above the tag

    paste the JavaScript that you were provided while you registered for Google Analytics

    and click “Update File”

    — That’s it.

    Please note, in future, if you switch the theme to another one, or if you upgrade the the theme to a newer version of the same, you will have to repeat this procedure.

    I hope this is clear.

    Thanks for using my theme! 🙂

    • Hello! Unfortunately the Editor is not under Appearance and neither in the wp-content folder in the ftp program. PS: I like your theme.

      • I’d the same doubt, though. But, I went ahead suggesting as your website is self hosted WP site and I presumed you’d have access.

        In that case, in wp-content/themes/ on FTP, you will see a folder “mimbolove” inside which you should see footer.php

        You can download that file to your desktop, edit it as I suggested earlier, and upload the updated file.

        I think this should help.

        Btw, what is the link to your website?

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