My Fantasy World!

I started my work at office at 9 in the morning. There was this long pending task I was involved in, and the person who was expected to fix this was running a follow-up at an opensource forum. I, out of curiosity, was also trying to seek some help from stackoverflow. I did get some good help.

As I kept reading more about the issue, I’d this feeling that, I just don’t know anything yet!

Every time I see someone with verse knowledge explaining, or writing a topic, a thought just occurs in me that says, ‘Hey, read about that stuff. It is interesting’ I read it for a while, then get myself distracted onto something else. I’ve been working for almost 6 years now, and every time look back to see what have I learnt, I go blank. There isn’t a single area that I’ve stuck myself to for a few years.

I sometimes do wish to go back to college, sit in the class room, listen to the lectures. Long since I left college, I think I also developed some kind of aversion towards classroom teaching, too. I sometimes want to quit work, sit at home read more and more, but I fear trying that for the same reasons I mentioned.

Although I do realize that I must cultivate interest in one subject, and try mastering it, I’m finding it as one thoroughly difficult task to choose something as I get carried away by many easily, leaving my stance nowhere.

A friend once referred to a book, “How to become a programer in 10 years”. Probably what I’m doing is just admiring things like that, and continuing to live in my Fantasy world.