knowing the experts

Couple of days back, I was told to do some work at office, and was referred to a link.
I checked it today, and I recall working with this person “Jonathan Wakely” who is cited on that page.When I started my career I was working for a bank as contractor, this person was a colleague of mine, and he was the Technical Product Owner of GCC. I just read he is one of the maintainers of GCC’s implementation of the C++. That looks like lot of work! He was one of typical *NIX guys. I mean, you shouldn’t go to them without trying to fix the problem first. Maybe, that is something Unix preaches. And if you expect to be fed with a spoon, you are an item of fun for them.Although my interaction with him was rare, it inspires some kind of  “I should get there!” feeling when I know that I worked with a man whom the google knows, too. But, the gust doesn’t last longer coz I quit very early.. :(–bye