Free left turn

Obeying the traffic rules might give you a satisfaction that you, as an individual, are trying to make the system better by accepting the fact that the very rules are setup for our own safety. But, it is unfortunate that you might be the “odd man out” :(I witnessed this scene today:
A guy was waiting for green signal to move on to left as it wasn’t a free-left. The road this left turn joins to; wasn’t that crowded, but, this guy in his nice car stopped decently. Well, nothing wrong, isn’t it? He just obeyed a traffic rule after all.
Now, there were a bunch of shitheads behind this car who started honking, and two morons on a two wheeler managed to pass through the traffic, halted for a few seconds beside this car, scolded this guy for stopping, and drove away. 🙂

In some countries you are wrongdoer if you disobey a traffic rule(it’s a fact that they don’t disobey even at midnight, and it *is* absolutely sane), but, here, it seems it is the other way around.

Hopefully, we shift our gears and try to be more civilized more quickly in the coming days.
(–  I wish there are short-cuts to this too, the way we have in traffic!)


A bad day today

Working in support functions could get kind of uncomfortable sometimes.I had a very bad day today, I must say. Silly user mistakes routed to me, people who don’t care about reading manual or help message, issues where I’m totally helpless but have to answer, issues where a possible solution is given but it is not accepted, issues I can’t fix or understand(this drove me uncomfortable the most) etc etc, if I have to list some, all in single day, 8 hours. Damn it!While I blame all these guys, the other part of mine says, I myself should get better, and better than I’m today.

All in all, it was a bad day!

and sometimes I wish I could make myself a freelancing job, stay home, doing just about what I want. Nothing else. But, it is hard to make one..