Many Worlds That We Live In

My family often tells me that I don’t know the world outside the home, the college I went to, and the workplace I’m now going to. Most of the time I just nod, although I don’t really agree with them because I think nobody knows the world well enough 😉

I think we live in many worlds everyday, and in each world, we got to have a very decent score earned all by ourselves. We should try not to depend on others to get through these daily worlds, or to stay happy, or to handle a corrupt cop, or to handle anything for that matter. I don’t say that we should stop seeking help. The whole world is circular dependent, humans are no exception. But, the extent to which we depend on somebody is a very crucial thing, and even more importantly what do we depend on somebody for? What if the person we depend on is just gone? Gone for whatever the reason and you can never reach them again? I think it is here that the decent score we earned helps to get along the many worlds we live in. Doesn’t it?


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