The Croods!

I’d never watched a movie in 3D effect till today, and I watched one today! The Croods. It was hilarious!

The Croods poster.jpg

Picture credit – Wikipedia

I just wish I could get one of those nice traits in each of those characters from the movie, that can make me behave better. I shouted at my colleague who’s also my friend whom I know for quite a few months now just because today was a busy, and uncomfortable day at office. 😦

After the bad day that I always hate, the movie preceded by the McDonolds eatables was very relaxing. Luckily I’m in a wonderful team.

I wish life always unfolds like those scenes from my favorite movies. Okay, movies that I haven’t watched yet, I mean. These has to be the thriller stuff even in life that makes you want to ride the sun! Doesn’t it?

That said, if you haven’t watched “The Croods” yet, go watch it. It’s a good movie. Very entertaining.