Prithvi – A Kannada movie

Prithvi – A Kannada movie.

It’s the story of an honest IAS officer and how he manages to fight illegal mining in the state of Bellary, Karnataka.

In one particular scene, a character laments that the border between two states(I wonder why two states can’t have good co-operation while they both belong to India. We are talking about two states, and not countries 😦 ) is changed by local rowdies, who are supposedly great politicians and that the whole area is being exploited for illegal mining. But this officer, despite the counterparts’ political and money power, manages to fight them all, and stop illegal mining.

It is a fact that the two villain characters aren’t fiction.

While I keep hearing that India is corrupted, and it could never get out of this situation, it must be admitted that there is in fact a real good sign of growth, and improvement as the corrupt are being caught, and punished with imprisonment. We have been hearing, and seeing news that the bad are being caught.

To lead a state, and a country, I think there must exist a crew that works just like the Board of Directors of a private organization. People who work with diligence, and passion to make the system better. In contrary, what we now have as politicians, a majority of them, are just greedy, and corrupted and it is our misfortune.