Lucia(ಲೂಸಿಯ) is a Kannada movie. People say it kinda seems like Inception with complexity reduced. I’m not sure what was the motive for the director.


Picture Credit: Wikipedia

I always wanted to visit PVR ever since I came to Bengaluru because PVR was, in my belief, the best theater out here in Bengaluru. I got a chance yesterday, and I went with my friend, and his mother. Unluckily we were just about on time, and so the C row, third from the screen was being sold. C row was somewhat uncomfortable.

This movie Lucia falls under the category of films where the conclusion about the movie is left to the imagination/will of the audience. I’ve watched a few English movies of this sort. The movie is not concluded from the director’s point of view. It is pretty catchy thing to understand the movie or should we even try to? For instance, in American Beauty, Lester Burnham gets killed. The director never discloses who killed him, and for what reason, but leaves behind just a few dubious scenes in the end and the audience seem to weave their own stories, and justifications for who was the culprit, and what was the reason! That looks one smart way of film making. It is nice to see that a Kannada movie is made in such experimental way.

Lucia is funded by over 1500 people, and that’s amazing! Isn’t it? You don’t need to have a producer whose pocket is deep enough to fund you, as long as you can find and convince a few like minded people who understand and pay you a few thousand rupees with trust and support you, you have got producers! That said, Lucia is rich, creative, and one of the best in all senses among Kannada movies of these days.