Jyothi Lakshmi Movie

I watched a Telugu movie today – Jyothi Lakshmi

It’s about a prostitute named Jyothi Lakshmi who’s sought by a decent man who’s in love with her, that wants to marry her, and how he stands by her after convincing her to marry him, supports her with her wish to rescue her friends who were forced to work at the brothel as one of her friend from the brothel commits suicide after being humiliated in a police raid at a hotel she was forced to go to, for one last time before she wanted to leave the brothel forever, to look after her father who has fallen sick. This friend was actually cheated for a job at Singapore and forced to work at brothel. Eventually, Jyothi Lakshmi succeeds in making sure the villains that run the brothel are all killed, and the movie closes. The message that is attempted to be conveyed is that no women wants to be a prostitute. It is only the circumstances which are mostly created by men that are forcing her to turn to prostitution, and the media should not exploit the misfortune of the prostitutes as they are caught in raids, while protecting the pride of the rich men who seek them.

A good part of the movie is quite emotional, and there is a particular scene when the married Jyothi Lakshmi asks her husband why he loved her. He explains that when misfortune stuck him, and his sister by killing their parents, they were looked after by a prostitute, who is like mother to them, and she dies in an accident. And that made him decide he wanted to marry a prostitute, and to care for her. He goes on and says, Jyothi Lakshmi, whom he married reminds him of his mother. To me, this is the favorite scene.

While I did not like a large commercial, and unwanted aspects of the movie, it was not waste of my time, as, to me, it was a decent love story with a good message.