Parting Ways

I left Nokia for Cisco last week. It was 4yrs 6months of tenure. I’m a lot confident than I was when I joined, I made some good friends, learnt new things, and above all, I got to know myself more.

I’m missing my team, and new office is a little boring now. I’m still juvenile. I wish to grow up and growing up sucks. I think I will get busy with work next week, and I’m sure it is all going to be fine. I don’t recall any such feeling of going away from people from the last 2 companies I left. I felt nothing. I was happy to leave those places. This one was tough probably because I stayed longer, and I had many people. May also be because I’m probably going through the terrible phase of the quarter life crisis! I cried during the farewell and I can’t explain what I was going through. The farewell was such overwhelming. For some time I feared if I deserved all that good treatment. My team was so nice.
Gone are the days we miss. A lot of people walk in, and out of our lives. It is matter of staying happy with the moment that should be practiced. Tough at times though..
Anyways, I’m waiting eagerly to get my access rights set so that I can start working on things. I took the new job hoping to experiment a new tool in real time as I think it solves the problems here at the new assignment. I should wait and see how it works for me. I’m excited. Cisco is a big organization, and the environment looks very encouraging. Hopefully I will be able to bring something valuable to the table.

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