First Day At Gym

I’ve been laughed at sometimes for my lean physique. Those comments never mattered to me. But, as I am growing up, it seems to me that it really matters how I look. I realized how weak I am when I fainted in the gym on the very first day! It wasn’t that embarrassing, though. It was, to be frank, without shame, the most wonderful thing of my recent days. For a few minutes, I was so blissfully asleep having no sense of consciousness and the whole world was so quiet and calm that I was in heaven. I really really want that moment back. The gym instructor had to sprinkle some water on my face to wake me up. I think it is quite common a scene for him as he was teasing a guy who was then entering the gym, when I was leaving, that it reminded him of that boy’s first day. You are never alone. 😉

I’m writing this on my blog to keep my motivation up. I’m not going to quit this time. I WON’T. I will gain 10kg in the next 3 months. If not 10kg, some visible improvement in the way I look.


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