The Deutschland!

I was on an office trip to Germany for the last 3 weeks. People seem to like these trips a lot, but I kind of didn’t like it this time. I just did not want to go but I had to because of the commitments at office.

It was nice weather there. Brief cold, then sunny, and then rain, all in one day. No heavy road traffic. The buses, and trains arrive in time. Hot water always, heaters to keep the room warm, comfortable hotel room it was. Beautiful girls, kids playing with their bicycles with all merry, and those who sleep like they own the world, in the baby strollers. Cute, and adorable.

While all that is the good part of it, I kind of felt I was no where, lost some where, missing something, and I felt like turning the calendar dates quickly wanting finish my trip early.
Isn’t it when you most want that the time just doesn’t move fast at all? I was in that situation.
And I also know times when I don’t want the time to run fast, but it does. Ah, bad time.
Nevermind, I’m back home. I finished the 21 days trip.

Not the flight I flew in ;)

Not the flight I flew in 😉

Its the same flight ;)

Its the same flight 😉