Filthy Minded Petrol Retailers

It is pretty common that every now and then you get cheated at fuel pumps either knowingly or unknowingly. And after you get cheated once, the next visit makes you feel skeptical about the fuel quantity, and quality etc., Doesn’t it?

If your mindset is “I will pay whatever the money to get the right quality and quantity”, you lose your nerve when you get cheated. Don’t you? I’ve such mindset. I cannot take these things lightly. I’ve a very huge expectation on how things should look like. In countries like Germany, you don’t see any staff a fuel outlet. You got to help yourself for whatever the amount. I wish it happens even in India someday and the quality, and trust is given utmost prominence by each Indian company at all their retail outlets. Shell Petroleum cares a lot for the quality, and the trust of their consumers. I’ve never seen such care and importance given to these very important aspects by any of the Indian oil business leaders. A lot of Indian Oil petrol pumps are having this cheating mentality. I can give a list of such outlets if you want! Looks like it is same even with HP. I’ve had comparatively more trust on HP pumps, not anymore.

Yesterday, after getting cheated for 100/- at a HP petrol pump, I logged a complaint at their website I’ve been given a ticket number. I wonder what action they take on the outlet I complained against. Whatever maybe their action, I did my bit for my own satisfaction. And I don’t want to get upset visiting them again. So, I’ve decided to start using Shell Petrol. Hopefully, Shell people stand their motto on quality and trust of consumers.

4 thoughts on “Filthy Minded Petrol Retailers

  1. Hi Venkat,

    I am not sure how you were cheated. I believe that these things will not exist for ever, I am sure you can’t be cheated the same way again or again. Another best thing you could to is spreading this word out to everyone so that most people are aware of whats happening. If your message reaches large group, then even HP may start looking into your compliant. Lastly you should feel good about having people fill up fuel for you while you are sitting on your vehicle without tips (this what people expect in US).


  2. Hi Yateesh, we see this cheating stuff with quantity, and quality on TV every now and then.. and we just keep seeing! I’ve seen the guy who fills fuel beaten up as the machine released 850ml in place of 1 litre. This was live on TV. It must have been the owner who should have been kicked. Imagine how much money they are making this way! I’m sick of these guys.

    I will visit Shell even if it means a kilometer more journey just to get a refill coz I see them honest at least with their enquiry before refilling 🙂

  3. Oh. way to go… As the it is deeply spread in the system, I believe no body one can correct it over night. Its just the business itself should correct them. As an individual we can do these little things to add to it. one of them could be to give your review on google on this station. If it gets bad reviews at least some people may stop visiting that station.

  4. I was referring to old TV news, not with the one I complained against!

    Btw, someone called me today following up on my complaint. Thats a good sign. 🙂 So, these guys do care when we log a complaints.

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