Self-help books

Last Friday, I stumbled onto a blog link Here, the author explains that all these books on self help are just waste and primarily they are written in ways that mislead the readers.

He goes on with a different take on one, though, even recommending a book, which the author believes is very scientific, 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot, written with real good intentions to help readers. 

Just like many people out there, I feel some kind of fatigue that stops me from doing something useful. I believe I kicked this habit off late, and tried doing one task – building a WordPress theme – and spent around 2 months in a ok-ok manner.

Now I want to try another theme/improve the one I built, but, I keep procrastinating.. I wonder if someone really needs a self-help book to help come out of this situation? I guess not. All one needs to do is to cultivate interest in doing something. And, I’m trying.

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