New things

I’ve a new joiner in my team. When he says something is looking too complex to him, I keep telling him that the first few days of new learning are always intimidating particularly when things are totally new.

I think it is not a good idea to try to see if we have improved every now and then. It either freaks us more, or leaves us nowhere because of the fact that things are not known clearly just yet. Perhaps the best thing to do here is, just to keep doing what we are supposed to for maybe a few months.

I got this thought because I had the very same fear when I took my fist job. I hated, and feared going to office! I still had to go to office because, you know, I wanted money 🙂 and it was inevitable. As a matter of fact there was nothing too complex out there and I realized it after working for a few months.

So, maybe, the lesson is not to fear new things!

Nothing remains as “New” forever.

(except the word “New” itself and you already know how to spell it, and write it!)

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