Ghosts do not exist!

If you happened to watch the horror movies from Kannada or Telugu where a lead character dies, and then, there it is a ghost and tries to take revenge, you’d probably agree with what I’m going to say.
At the end of the movie, the ghost weeps that it had a wish that was never fulfilled or it says somebody did real bad things to its family, and so, it is trying to retaliate.The logic here is completely false. I mean, if an unfulfilled wish/revenge is something that makes a dead man devil, would’t the world be full of devils!?If the logic really works, I bet a lot of people in Bengaluru for that matter would want to be traffic cops after they die (hopefully, the honest ones) 🙂
and punish
1. The idiots who honk unnecessarily
2. Who start moving much before the green is on
3. Who honk from behind while it is still counting down at 7-6 seconds
and the list goes on ..

ah I know I distracted too much. Indiscipline in driving could be irritating.

All I wanted to say is: Ghosts do not exist, at least for these reasons said in the movie!



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