ah, I can’t recollect that!

Recollecting something that you have already known but not in mind at the moment, be it name of a movie or a song from an album or a web address where you read something really interesting; can turn out to be awfully displeasing if it you can’t recall.I mean, you know it, but you just can’t recollect it! You start feeling kinda uncomfortable. Isn’t it?

This happened with me today when I tried to search google for an image, actually an animated GIF, where the python(python) comes crawling, and kicks the camel(perl) out of the web page. It’s very funny to watch. I tried google search this image with all possible search terms I could, but in vain.

While it left me in helpless situation, when I find time again, I will try searching for this image, and post it here if I find it. I’m sure you will find it funny, too.


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