A Recognition

I just won myself a recognition at the office in this month’s “Star of the month” competition. It was for my one month effort to deploy, and stabilize ccache in our considerably large software project that I was awarded this. This was done keeping the build time, and the cost of ElectricAccelerator’s license in mind. While I partially won by decreasing the build time by nearly 40% on an average, and meeting the first expectation, I failed to save the cost, as the pressure on resource crunch was huge, and we had to purchase more licenses.

We are aiming at our next promising thing, Tup, a blazing fast, and incredibly accurate, OpenSource build tool. While its adoption on the OpenSource world looks very modest, it is by far, the best OpenSource build tool available as of now, from what I know. I’m hopeful that this should help us accomplish both the targets, of increasing the developer productivity by not wasting lot of time waiting during building stuff, and saving the organization some cost.

I’m not going to quit until this Tup build system is rolled out!

Songs, And Lyrics

I’m a big admirer of Trivikram Srinivas. There is magic in his writing as it elevates my energy when I’m listening to him watching him. I’m fond of lyrics, and dialogues that carry some kind of emotion written poetically, and I like the following song from the movie Attarintiki Daredi(Which way is aunt’s home?) a lot. This song is a mix of a popular Annamacharya Kriti, with slightly modern but incredibly meaningful lyrics. The poets and singers are so blessed! I wish I could learn.

A Tribute

It is not very often that you come across people who are so lively and full of life that you start envying them. Most of the time, I’ve some solution for any technical problem at our office, within our team. When it comes to life out of office, I’m still a rookie. Those who know me well keep repeating it.

I just wanted to leave this post as a tribute to couple of my good friends from whom I keep learning life lessons. I kind of felt it today. So, writing it down. No matter how difficult things are for them, they are nice and kind even when they do not have to be. The toughest thing, it seems to me, is to love no matter what, and live as life unfolds, happily and they seem to be very good at it. I’m learning from you guys. While I’m your mentor inside office, you are my mentors outside office. You are the best. I wish everything goes really well for you and you get around all the problems.

First Day At Gym

I’ve been laughed at sometimes for my lean physique. Those comments never mattered to me. But, as I am growing up, it seems to me that it really matters how I look. I realized how weak I am when I fainted in the gym on the very first day! It wasn’t that embarrassing, though. It was, to be frank, without shame, the most wonderful thing of my recent days. For a few minutes, I was so blissfully asleep having no sense of consciousness and the whole world was so quiet and calm that I was in heaven. I really really want that moment back. The gym instructor had to sprinkle some water on my face to wake me up. I think it is quite common a scene for him as he was teasing a guy who was then entering the gym, when I was leaving, that it reminded him of that boy’s first day. You are never alone. ;)

I’m writing this on my blog to keep my motivation up. I’m not going to quit this time. I WON’T. I will gain 10kg in the next 3 months. If not 10kg, some visible improvement in the way I look.